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for two persons (25 sq. m.)

On the second floor (penthouse) an apartment for two persons is for rent (25 sq. m.). Here you will find a TV, fridge, stove, dishes, bedding and towels. Outside in the yard there is a spot for a relaxing rest and a parking lot for your car.

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Prices for twenty-four hours:

From 09.01 iki 05.31, kaina 50 – 80€
From 06.01 iki 06.30, kaina 60 – 100€
From 07.01 iki 08.31,  kaina 100 – 120€

Choose a time to your liking and book now.
You can book by calling +370 698 34358 or by emailing nidosrojus@gmail.com
When booking, an advance for two days are sent to flat owners bank account. When transferring, please state your name, surname, time you wish to stay and flat name.
Your staying time: from 14 o’clock the day you rented to 12 o’clock your last day.

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